The Book and Non-Applique Patterns

The Beginners Applique Book is a workbook/class in written form with lots of pictures and step-by-step instructions.  It is for everyone - from a true beginner who has never attempted hand applique to anyone looking for tips and guidance.  If you are struggling to make smooth curves or sharp points or if skinny stems are intimidating, this is the book for you.  If you are a cat lover, check out the fun paper-pieced wall hanging.  If you are looking for an easy jacket pattern you will find two versions and one is reversible and perfect for a large scale beautiful fabric you don't want to cut into tiny pieces.

"If you are wondering why the Poinsettia pattern is on this page it's because I am considering it a 'fused' project and felt it didn't belong in any of the other categories. My sample is not fused, and that's because I started it as a personal project - a way to use some of the red fabrics from my stash that I noticed I never used in kitsOnce the applique was finished, that familiar voice in my head told me I needed to make it available as a pattern AND to design a border!  huh??  Not my 'baleywick' says I.  ok, ok  (I've learned not to argue or disregard that voice!)"   As for the center - it is one of my beaded 'brooches' .  That one was 'in process' and seemed perfect.  I have included several suggestions/options for you other than that.  In fact, I think just lots of tiny yellow buttons would work nicely!" - Jill, Designer
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