Handmade Jewelry & Applique

On this page you will find 'one of a kind' hand beaded jewelry - brooches and pendants that become brooches!  All of the beads are hand-sewn on - a little like the applique I do. ^_^  The base fabric is from my quilting scraps (of course) and there is a piece of batting (what else?) to add something more substantial to sew onto.  Some of them have matching quilting fabric on the back - others have 'ultra suede' type fabric.  All have stiff template plastic inside to give a firm backing and through which the pin is stitched and firmly attached.

Also available are hand appliqued pieces mounted and framed and ready for hanging - or to be displayed on a table in a decorative stand.

"Since each jewelry piece is 'one of a kind',  before actually ordering perhaps you need to send me a message telling me which one you want - to make sure it's still available.  I will then quickly remove it from view and you can just 'order' by choosing anything of the same price as what you want.  I hope that's not too complicated. ^_^  I taught myself this method - I think called 'encrusted' beading.  I used a book by Larkin Jean Van Horn to learn the various ways to group beads and did some improvising along the way.  Like applique and Rome - not something you do in a day. ^_^ - Jill, Designer
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