Asian Theme Applique Patterns and Kits

Explore my large collection of Japanese family crest designs.  As required, they have been altered to create lovely hand or machine applique projects.  This collection is easier than my flowers - some of them suited for a beginner.  And, as always, perfect for everyone if doing machine applique.  All of the kits feature fabrics with some metallic gold and Asian flare.  Some of the designs have more than one kit available so you can choose your favorite color.

"These are the designs that got me started in this business of designing applique patterns.  The quilt that hangs in the booth has been in a few shows and has won ribbons each time.  It received "Best of Show" in the local show and I consider that quite an honor!!  That was several years ago and I am amazed at peoples' awesome reaction when they see it now.  It's wonderful to know that every year there are new people coming to the craft of quilting.  If you are one of them - welcome to Artfully Applique." - Jill, Designer
01 Ginko Leaf Applique Pattern01 Ginko Leaf Applique Pattern
Ginko Pink KitGinko Pink Kit
02 Hanabishi Applique Pattern02 Hanabishi Applique Pattern
Hanabishi Kit AA - #2 - TurqHanabishi Kit AA - #2 - Turq
03 Rindo Applique Pattern03 Rindo Applique Pattern
04 Tachibana  Applique Pattern04 Tachibana Applique Pattern
Tachibana Kit AA - #4pinkTachibana Kit AA - #4pink
05 Iris Applique Pattern05 Iris Applique Pattern
Iris Kit AA#5 - PurpleIris Kit AA#5 - Purple
06 Crysanthemum Applique Pattern06 Crysanthemum Applique Pattern
Crysanthemum Kit AA - #6 - RedCrysanthemum Kit AA - #6 - Red
07 Clematis Applique Pattern07 Clematis Applique Pattern
Crysanthemum Kit AA#6 - purpleCrysanthemum Kit AA#6 - purple
Clematis Kit AA#7 - PinkClematis Kit AA#7 - Pink
08 Cherry Blossom Applique Pattern08 Cherry Blossom Applique Pattern
09 Hanabishi ll Applique Pattern09 Hanabishi ll Applique Pattern
Cherry Blossom Kit AA #8 - SalmonCherry Blossom Kit AA #8 - Salmon
10 Balloon Flower Applique Pattern10 Balloon Flower Applique Pattern
11 Peony Applique Pattern11 Peony Applique Pattern
12 Chinese Flower Applique Pattern12 Chinese Flower Applique Pattern
Peony Kit AA#11-PinkPeony Kit AA#11-Pink
Chinese Flower Kit AA#12 - RedChinese Flower Kit AA#12 - Red
13 Ginko Too Applique Pattern13 Ginko Too Applique Pattern
14 Wisteria Applique Pattern14 Wisteria Applique Pattern
Ginko Too Kit AA#13 PeachGinko Too Kit AA#13 Peach
Wisteria Kit AA#14 PinkWisteria Kit AA#14 Pink
15 (Modified) Ivy Applique Pattern15 (Modified) Ivy Applique Pattern
16 - Botan (Peony, modified!) Applique Pattern16 - Botan (Peony, modified!) Applique Pattern
Modified Ivy Kit AA#15 - RedModified Ivy Kit AA#15 - Red
Modified Peony Kit AA#16 - RedModified Peony Kit AA#16 - Red
17 - Iris Two Applique Pattern17 - Iris Two Applique Pattern
Iris Two Kit AA#17 - PurpleIris Two Kit AA#17 - Purple
18 Bellflower Applique Pattern18 Bellflower Applique Pattern
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