Miniature Asian Theme Patterns

A collection of Japanese family crest applique designs done in a size small enough to use for embellishing a garment.  The finished pieces fit within a 6" square or circle.  They are small, but not more difficult than the larger applique designs and are suitable for most skill levels beyond total beginner.  If doing machine applique they are for everyone.  There are only a couple of designs that are duplicates of the larger ones.  That means there are about 25 new applique designs from which to choose.  There are no kits for these small designs.

"People are often intimidated when they look at these smaller designs, but the truth is that the individual pieces are not really 'tiny'.  And they can be finished so quickly that in the world of hand applique they are like "instant gratification". ^_^  I have a collection of silk jumpers that I wear like uniforms for shows and there is a 'mini' on the front of each one.  On a longer vest, you could do a column of three down one side on the front.  Your friends would be so jealous." - Jill, Designer

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Mini Mum I Applique PatternMini Mum I Applique Pattern
Mini Mum II Applique PatternMini Mum II Applique Pattern
Mini Mum III Applique PatternMini Mum III Applique Pattern
Mini Mum 4 Applique PatternMini Mum 4 Applique Pattern
Mini Ginko I Applique PatternMini Ginko I Applique Pattern
Mini Ginko II Applique PatternMini Ginko II Applique Pattern
Mini Ginko III Applique PatternMini Ginko III Applique Pattern
Mini Orange Blossom Applique PatternMini Orange Blossom Applique Pattern
Mini Plum Blossom Applique PatternMini Plum Blossom Applique Pattern
Mini Sparrow Applique PatternMini Sparrow Applique Pattern
Mini Peony Applique PatternMini Peony Applique Pattern
Mini Hanabishi Applique PatternMini Hanabishi Applique Pattern
Mini Iris Applique PatternMini Iris Applique Pattern
Mini Iris Single Applique PatternMini Iris Single Applique Pattern
Mini Iris Double Applique PatternMini Iris Double Applique Pattern
Mini Iris 4 Applique PatternMini Iris 4 Applique Pattern
Mini Iris 5 Applique PatternMini Iris 5 Applique Pattern
Mini Water Plantain Applique PatternMini Water Plantain Applique Pattern
Mini Chili Pepper Applique PatternMini Chili Pepper Applique Pattern
Mini Begonia Applique PatternMini Begonia Applique Pattern
Mini Col-4mm  Applique PatternsMini Col-4mm Applique Patterns
Mini Col 4floral Applique PatternsMini Col 4floral Applique Patterns
Mini Daffodil Applique PatternMini Daffodil Applique Pattern
Mini AA Ginko Applique PatternMini AA Ginko Applique Pattern
Mini Bellflower Applique PatternMini Bellflower Applique Pattern
Mini Wood Sorrel Applique PatternMini Wood Sorrel Applique Pattern
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