Beginner Applique Patterns and Kits

Explore my selection of small to medium size applique patterns and kits for beginners.  These are not the simple pre-made sew-on appliques, but rather easy-to-create yourself patterns that require cutting and placement of each piece of the design.  If you are interested in real applique crafted by your own hands, then you have found the perfect starting point, right here at Artfully Applique.

"At shows I am always asked which patterns might work best for a beginner.  So, for my aspiring applique crafters, I have created this page full of fun patterns for beginners.  Another question I am frequently asked is, 'are there kits for any of these?'.  I am happy to report there are, and, in fact, if you can see the word 'Kit' in the pattern name, then you know you are ordering a complete do-it-yourself kit.  The Super Simple designs come only as kits.  However, you can purchase all 8 patterns in one package if you prefer.  There is no fabric included in that package."  Jill, Designer
� These applique quilting patterns and the quilting designs contained herein are for your personal use.
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