Advanced Applique Patterns and Kits

Walk through a garden of favorite flowers as applique patterns and kits. These applique patterns are for those who are more proficient at hand applique or for anyone doing by machine applique.  All of the patterns offered by Artfully Applique are full size and complete and require no copying or enlarging to create the finished design as specified.  The dimensions of each design are given in the descriptions. If you are ready to create your own "work of art", you have come to the perfect place to find a unique pattern or kit from Artfully Applique.  Unless otherwise noted, all of these (Nearly Nouveau) designs have a 10" circle.
Hollyhocks Applique PatternHollyhocks Applique Pattern
Holly Hocks KitHolly Hocks Kit
Calla Lily Applique PatternCalla Lily Applique Pattern
Calla Lily Kit, PeachCalla Lily Kit, Peach
Daffodil Applique PatternDaffodil Applique Pattern
Daffodil Kit, whiteDaffodil Kit, white
Daffodil Kit, yellowDaffodil Kit, yellow
Iris Applique PatternIris Applique Pattern
Iris Kit, Lite PurpleIris Kit, Lite Purple
Iris Kit, Dark PurpleIris Kit, Dark Purple
Tulips Applique PatternTulips Applique Pattern
Tulips Kit - redTulips Kit - red
Fancy Foxglove Applique PatternFancy Foxglove Applique Pattern
Fancy (Chinese) Foxglove KitFancy (Chinese) Foxglove Kit
Daylily Applique PatternDaylily Applique Pattern
Daylily KitDaylily Kit
Cone Flower Applique PatternCone Flower Applique Pattern
Coneflower  KitConeflower Kit
Black Eyed Susan Applique PatternBlack Eyed Susan Applique Pattern
Sassy Cyclamen Applique PatternSassy Cyclamen Applique Pattern
Black Eyed Susan  KitBlack Eyed Susan Kit
Cyclamen KitCyclamen Kit
Oh, Lovely Oleander Applique PatternOh, Lovely Oleander Applique Pattern
Oleander KitOleander Kit
Tiger, Tiger - Oh My Applique PatternTiger, Tiger - Oh My Applique Pattern
Tiger Lily Applique  KitTiger Lily Applique Kit
Happily Hibiscus Applique PatternHappily Hibiscus Applique Pattern
Hibiscus KitHibiscus Kit
Morning Glory Applique PatternMorning Glory Applique Pattern
Morning Glory Applique Kit, PinkMorning Glory Applique Kit, Pink
Bird of Paradise Applique PatternBird of Paradise Applique Pattern
Fuchsia Applique PatternFuchsia Applique Pattern
Bird of Paradise Applique  KitBird of Paradise Applique Kit
Orange!  Flower Applique PatternOrange! Flower Applique Pattern
Clematis Applique PatternClematis Applique Pattern
Clematis Applique Kit - purpleClematis Applique Kit - purple
African Violets Applique PatternAfrican Violets Applique Pattern
African Violets Applique KitAfrican Violets Applique Kit
Trellis Trio - click on more info
� These applique quilting patterns and the quilting designs contained herein are for your personal use.
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