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I am a California woman (ok, Ohio transplant!) who has turned the thing I love to do into a full-time passion, so to speak. That is applique'. All of my patterns are self-published and for the most part only available at one shop in any area. Otherwise, you will only see my work at quilt shows.
To place a wholesale order I need both your seller's permit number and your zip code. You can't do this through the page, but just send an email and we'll get it done!  jrixman@yahoo.com

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I have made a lot of changes in the booth lately - and as a result have cut at least an hour off the setup time -and even eliminated some tubs.  That means there's more room in the van - much needed for the long trips when Sophie(now Calvin) and I must sleep in there on the road!  This is the most recent picture I have.
Well, Sophie and I had traveled many a mile after this picture was taken.  Poor little Sophie was blind and actually had just one eye - non-functioning & 'just for show'. :(  She finally had had enough and let me know it on Thanksgiving.  By evening I had no choice but to take her to the emergency clinic and let them put her out of her misery.  I don't wish that on anyone - godawful!!  And I shall miss her forever!! :(
Mr. Pepe

Mr. Pepe

And my sweet, sweet Mr. Pepe has gone to play with Sophie.  Very sad for me. :(    He rather liked that window sill.  The tic-tac-toe is something I made for my granddaughter Rachael.  I thought it was a really fun idea.   The board is a 'rag quilt' and the pieces are little pillows that are flannel backed to help keep them from sliding. Feel free to 'copy' - can't recall where I saw it.


And here is Calvin after 2 years - sweetest dog ever.  Paperwork claimed he was at least part terrier, don't think so.  Even with all that hair he does not really shed, and no real 'doggie smell'.  Nor does he shred his toys - so, based on info from a close friend who had one - we have declared him some part poodle.  Anyone's guess what else! ^_^


As you might have guessed, I could not be without a cat for long either.  This handsome boy was homeless! He has beautiful blue eyes, tho they are a tad crossed due to the Siamese genes. ^_^  Haven't been able to get this computer to pull pictures off my phone lately - will add as soon as I do!!

Am leaving this quilt picture in here even tho this was several years ago.  This is the opportunity quilt I designed for the local guild. 
The person who won it entered it into a local quilt show and it was fun to see it and be able to get a picture of myself with it. ^_^
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A Designing Woman 2855 Canal Ct. Placerville, CA 95667