Reverse Applique Patterns and Kits

A collection of applique patterns designed to be done as 'reverse' hand applique.  Reverse applique is also known as "two fabric" or "cut away" applique.  This method is easier and more portable than regular applique as there are no little pieces and just two fabrics required.  You simply cut holes in the top fabric to expose the bottom fabric and the holes are thus the shapes that create the applique design.

"This applique series began with a couple of 'doodles-type' drawings I had made. I then decided to turn them into reverse applique designs and used one word names. It has now evolved a bit and there are words on the Butterfly page about that as it is the first in the new direction. I am using various "critters" - ones that I can easily draw in this reverse-type format. The word that applies to each will come from a book I have that's entitled "Animal Wisdom".  Maybe you will find a critter that calls to you. ^_^ - Jill, Designer
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