Novice-Intermediate Applique Patterns and Kits
A collection of medium size applique patterns for either machine or hand applique. Simple flowers in an 8" circle within a 10" block.  All of the samples have been done with 'needle-turn' applique.  The kits are not pre-cut, but they do include all the fabrics you need to create your own handmade piece.  The package of 4 designs is discounted but does not include any fabric.  These designs are simple and yet more of a challenge than a true 'beginner' applique pattern.

Note from Jill: "If you want the package of 4 and would also like the fabrics for any of those designs, please send me an email and I can do that.  The cost of  fabric for each design is $8.00"
� These applique quilting patterns and the quilting designs contained herein are for your personal use.
 They may not be reproduced in any form for any commercial use without the written permission of
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